Landscaping Paver Ideas?

Answer Pavers are a versatile landscape product that can be used in a multitude of applications. As simple blocks made of concrete, pavers are easy to work with and are used by professionals and DIY enthu... Read More »

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Can you put landscaping paver blocks over concrete?

You can put pavers, which are made out of brick, concrete or stone, over concrete if it's level, hasn't settled and isn't full of cracks. However, placing pavers could result in poor drainage, whic... Read More »

Backyard Paver Ideas?

Backyard pavers will make your outdoor space more attractive and more usable. Keep in mind how you use your backyard when choosing pavers; homeowners who host quiet parties for other adults may wan... Read More »

Dry Landscaping Ideas?

Dry landscaping, called xeriscape, does not have to consist of rock and cactus only. Instead, xeriscape landscaping can be a creative, beautiful solution to reduce your yard's need for supplemental... Read More »

Midwest Landscaping Ideas?

Landscaping in the Midwest presents challenges that warm-region homeowners don't face. To provide year-round aesthetic appeal, consider using combinations of plants and structures that are attracti... Read More »