Landlord won't fix our ac! What can I do!! I have two kids under age of 2!!!?

Answer Hi Marcella, I live in Mesa AZ.You can call up these folks and tell them what you are up against. if they can't help, ask them who can.…good luck

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Landlord shopping centre.The lease states the tenant is liable for charges for property management that the landlord incurs.Landlord appoints family company to manage.Tenant still liable?

Usually the new property management will send out a letter to the tenants announcing and introducing themselves to the existing tenants. If not, it is only a management company. They only manage th... Read More »

What do you do when the man you love wont help you with your kids?

From personal experince. I found that the best way is to be busy with one child (eg;changing a napy or helping with homework).Do this right before you want his help, wheather you want him to start ... Read More »

What Parenting Quotes did your parents use that you wont or will not use with your kids?

Do we have the same parents because that sounds just like my dad!The biggest one I can think of is "I am going to knock you into tomorrow if you don't cool it" or the famous "next time"Funny thing ... Read More »

Landlord problems private landlord uk england?

You have your priorities wrong if you have 440 quid's worth (and more)? of kids toys in an outside shed , and nothing saved up in case you ever need to move home. You can refuse to sign a new contr... Read More »