Landlord or Slumlord: How to Check Them Out Before You Write a Check?

Answer Throughout time, renters have often found themselves at the tender mercies of their landlords. You can help reduce the rental victim count by doing a little homework before spending your money on a... Read More »

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Do you check the eggs to see if they are not broken, before paying for them?

Yes. All the time. It only takes a few seconds.

How many months can somebody hang on to a check before that check is void?

Most US banks 'stale date' a check after 6 months. Check with your bank, but that usually means they will not honor it after that point.

How to Check a Landlord Reference?

Although it's not as common a practice, potential tenants have just as much right to look into their landlords as the landlord has to look into them. After all, the degree to which your landlord ba... Read More »

How long can a landlord hold a rent check?

Landlords can hold a check as long as they want. The specifications may be in your renting agreement. However, most banks will only take checks written within the last six months.Source:Check Expir... Read More »