Landlord Termination Rights in North Carolina?

Answer Landlord termination rights in North Carolina define procedures that a landlord must follow in evicting tenants and terminating leases. These laws are in place to ensure the fair treatment of tenan... Read More »

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Tenant Rights Vs. Landlord Rights in North Carolina?

The home you rent should be a place of comfort, safety and privacy---not a battleground for disputes with your landlord. Understanding your responsibilities and rights as a tenant, and those of you... Read More »

What are a fathers rights in North Carolina?

to what? depends on what specifically you's not what are your rights but how to enforce them without going broke... :)

North Carolina Law on Rental Inspection Rights?

Cities and counties in North Carolina have specific housing codes. If you are interested in having your rental property repaired or inspected, it's important to get a copy of the local housing code... Read More »

Is there a grandparent's rights law in the state of North Carolina?

Four of North Carolina's family law statutes allow grandparents to petition the court for visitation with their grandchildren even if one or both parents object. The litigation must be filed as par... Read More »