Land Clearing Consequences?

Answer Land clearing occurs in areas where development is planned and in areas designated for cattle grazing and plantations. Worldwide, the need for more food is a major reason for clearing land of trees... Read More »

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Tools for Land Clearing?

To construct swimming pools and other add-on structures for a residence, it is essential to rid the construction site of trees, shrubberies, plant life and other landscape elements. Some of the spe... Read More »

How to Do Emotional Clearing?

Emotional Clearing is the practice of bringing awareness to our mental and emotional compulsions and reactions in order to "heal" them or integrate them. Sometimes referred to as Shadow Work and Su... Read More »

Clearing old grass and dirt?

Rent a powered tiller (kind of like a push-mower) you will save yourself lots of time. There are also better un-powered tillers than just a hoe.Good luck!

How do I use a pendulum for chakra clearing?

Chakra ChartMake or obtain a chakra pendulum chart. This is a wheel divided into seven sections representing the seven chakras. Either draw a circle and divide it into seven equal sections, then ma... Read More »