Lancets in Ancient Times?

Answer A lancet is a small, extremely sharp blade with a pointed tip. This surgical device has appeared throughout the ancient world, and its primary purpose has typically been cutting or puncturing the ... Read More »

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What Were Seashells Used for in Ancient Times?

Beachcombers value seashells for their beautiful shapes and colors, but these treasures were even more valuable to early civilizations. From early prehistory, shells served as a form of money, as d... Read More »

Hairstyles of Ancient Times?

People have been styling their hair for as long as they have had hair. There is even evidence of flint razors possibly made as early as 30,000 BC. The styles that men, women and children from all c... Read More »

Togas in Ancient Times?

The toga was the distinctive garment of men in ancient Rome. It was worn on all formal occasions. It is one of the symbols most strongly associated with Rome today, and it was the same for the Roma... Read More »

Did diamonds have value in ancient times?

Diamonds have long held value for the human race since they were first mined in India thousands of years ago. Ancient Greeks and Romans believed diamonds to be the tears of the gods, and Plato refe... Read More »