Lamium Plant Care?

Answer Lamium is a perennial, flowering plant used mostly for ground coverage in areas without full sunshine. Lamiums are prized across America for their hardy growing nature, drought-resistance and stron... Read More »

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How to take care of this plant?

Its look like pothos (money plant).. sorry to say but looks like it has been over-watered quite badly....and root rot has occurred.....If foilage (leafs) feels very light in weight plant may be dea... Read More »

How do I care for a ti plant?

PlantingPlant the ti plant in a container filled with regular commercial potting soil. Any container with drainage holes at the bottom will work.SunlightPlace the ti plant in bright light, about 3 ... Read More »

How do you care for an ivy plant?

AnswerFirst of all, the term "Ivy" is very common. You could have any one of a number of plants. There are many house plants that people simply call "Ivies". The most common one is usually Epipremn... Read More »

How do you take care of plant?

mainly i think we can take care of plants by giving love to it and talking to it when we can because it is also a living being and that's all i know about this question