Ladies,be honest..........?

Answer well i have had one that was4.5" and one that was 8.5" and a few 6" in there too....I must say I prefer the 6" but I also like girth more than length....and they better know how to use it :PLMAO@Me... Read More »

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When was the last time u brushed ur teeth, try to be 100% honest please, 100% honest?

i am being 100% honest when I say it was this morning. I always always brush twice a day.I could never do anything else!

Fat please be honest.?

Plz be honest am i fat?

No, you're actually a little below average.Check out the height/weight ratio chart at the below site..

Am I fat Plz Be honest?

no you are not fat at all, that is a healthy weight. dont listen to the jerks on here that will take advantage of you cuz you are feeling down, you are not fat