Ladies/Women/Chicks/Girls - Are these true?

Answer Steve, dude, wouldn't it be more productive to share this with the guys who still don't have a clue?

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Is anything on Wikipedia true these days?

Yes. Much/most of it is true because most people who bother to edit on there wouldn't have bothered to write about it unless they cared and knew. I look up most things on Wikipedia first nowadays... Read More »

Are these emails from twitter spam or are they true ?

Look at the email sender's email address, if it's under the domain (or something like then it's a legit email. Although from what you've said it sounds more like... Read More »

Can anyone tell me if these 'myths' about caffeine/coffee are really true?

Coffee is a diuretic (this is true) but will cause dehydration if you have several cups in a day. Excess coffee also causes heart palpitations because it's a central nervous system (CNS) stimulant.... Read More »

Is it true that by hanging a plastic bag with water in it, it will keep flys away or is these a myth?

Some people still believe in it today & say it works for them while others say it doesn't work.One explanation is that: "it's an Amish technique where you can keep a clear bag of water over the ent... Read More »