Ladies...A very personal question, have you ever..... Embarrassing?

Answer Never happened to me... I don't handle the deep stuff well at all, and I hate the feeling of gagging, so I don't even try that.... Wow. A bit of empathy from his side wouldn't go amiss. But I guess... Read More »

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Ok very embarrassing question but i need to know.?

Same thing happened to me.My tonsils swelled up like freakin huge.First thing you need to do is figure out if your boyfriend has ever had another girl do this to him, and find out if he is a virgin... Read More »

Embarrassing question, but I need help!?

it might be your iron levels. I had that problem before I started taking iron pills. Maybe see your doctor and have them do some blood work. Most girls end up with an iron deficiency at some point ... Read More »

Embarrassing teenage question :(?

A persons' natural odor is a direct result of their diet. Perhaps you are eating too much meat product/processed food. Try a weeks worth healthy diet and if that doesn't work see a doctor.

Excercise question....can anyone help A bit embarrassing, but here goes?

Okay...the exercise you are doing is good. If you increase the muscular strength of your thighs you will increase the size (some what) which will cause the cellulite to become more prominent at fi... Read More »