Ladies...A question about down below...?

Answer You are most likely getting ingrown hairs because you shave upwards and not downwards. Always shave in the direction the hair grows, this should avoid those ingrown hairs. I've personally never ha... Read More »

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Question about keg stands. How is the beer able to go down upside down?…As I answered last time you asked this but chose an ignorant answer opposed my my correct answer, its peristalsis.

Why dosen't anyone answer my question below!!!! (about the moving lines)!!!?

maybe it would help if you put the question up here... :)

I want to know about image scanner .. so guys please help me ....and question is given below?

DOCUMENT SCANNER:The details are actually two primary versions of scanner, the CCD and CIS. Both CCD and CIS have advantages and disadvantages with the following providing some good insight.URL: ... Read More »

Question for Australians about the influence of China down under?

I don't see the problem we also have a huge Japanese interest in Australia are we forgetting in our recent history they attacked us and we fought a war against them.So if we can make friends and t... Read More »