Ladies who know about pregnancy help?

Answer it is better to test after a missed period because you will have more of the hormone that makes it show up positive if you are pregnant.............................. i took a test on april 24th rig... Read More »

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Ladies!What are Five Things You Didn't Know About Periods?

Here are answers to five common questions women have about their periods:1. Can I swim during my period?Swimming during your period is not advisable as it is not hygienic. Chlorine water may cause ... Read More »

What should pregnant ladies know about cord blood banks?

A pregnant woman has many concerns and decisions to make about the birth of her baby. Although the umbilical cord is often forgotten by parents, the cord blood is extremely valuable. The stem cells... Read More »

Will you ladies, especially college or southern help this guy, let him know?

Texas is really, really, really hot. Those shorts are popular because most young girls do exercise or play a sport around here and the weather is horrible for wearing pants. Texans are fanatics whe... Read More »

X-mas Ideas to let family know about our pregnancy?

I wrapped a picture of me and my husband and bought a card that said "Merry Christmas Grandma" and in the card I wrote "Hope you like the picture of my Mommy and Daddy!" My mom was in SHOCK and lov... Read More »