Ladies: what is your tampon of choice?

Answer I usually shove a large rabbit up there. I have a big snatch so what of it

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Have you ever changed your pad or tampon in your car cause your stuck in traffic?

cant say that i have.....kinda gross

Ladies, what did your discharge look like, if any, during your 2WW and before your BFP?

I didnt ever really dry up after O, and I also found that I saw some milky white cm after my bfp and have had it throughout the pregnancy.CM during pregnancy is consistent with high progesterone cm... Read More »

Is your Q&A public or private What are your reasons for this choice?

Mine is public, I have nothing to hide and do not fear stalking/reporting. I have had too many accounts to worry about such little nuisances. Speaking of Im sure its about time for this one to go... Read More »

What is your beverage of choice?

hot black tea in winterspring water with ice in summernatural coffee for some my pleasure