Ladies, what is the difference between all the knives in the kitchen?

Answer I have several knives, but I have two favorites. One, a chef's knife, slices and chops so well that I rarely use the other one. My other favorite is a very sharp paring knife that can be resharpe... Read More »

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What Is the Difference Between Automatic&Switchblade Knives?

There is no difference between a switchblade and an automatic knife. A switchblade is also known as an automatic knife, which is a knife that springs open when you press a lever.References:Knife Ce... Read More »

What good kitchen knives are there?

Buying a good knife is not just about price, other factors play a part....Such as knowing how to sharpen a knife because even the most expensive knives get blunt.Plastic chopping boards also blunt ... Read More »

Whats the Difference between slide-in and free standing in kitchen stoves?

slide-in the top sides sits on top of the counter and has no legs,free standing has legs on it Oops, a slide-in range does have legs. The main difference is that the top of the range (deck) overhan... Read More »

What is the best way to remove rust stains from stainless steal kitchen knives?

I had the same issue, so I tried some of those "stainless-steel wipes." The brand shouldn't matter, there's a plethora of them in the cleaning aisle at the store.Those did take out the oxidation (... Read More »