Ladies, this question is not PG13, but...?

Answer i think its a lil i dnt think i wud like to find out that my boyfriend maturbates.i think its disgusting!♥cheer

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Question for the ladies?

it seems like girls like that r a lil dramatic so its prolly them not the guy : ) *star*

Ladies... a question if you please! over 18 please?

1. Depends on the guy - some guys don't look good with facial hair. The ones that do though - I prefer maybe a little goatee, but not a full beard and mustache.2. 6 pack is always nice, but not ma... Read More »

Bra question for the ladies?

My hands are like a strapless bra *pushes em up* haha

A question for the Ladies !!?

everything is normal. periods vary in symptoms VASTLY