Ladies that delivered before your due date, Did you feel your symptom changes earlier?

Answer The baby dropped. Like, literally, dropped. I was huge and carrying up near my chest, then one day I was walking around and all the weight literally FELL to my hips. I almost peed myself, it was... Read More »

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Earlier symptom of pregnancy?

Answer Nausea is the most commonly KNOWN symptom but some of mine have included, slight pains (Similar to a period but no blood)Urinating a lot. sometimes Sudden craving especially if it's not som... Read More »

There is a 12 day difference in due dates ultrasound confirms an earlier date and LMP is a later date Which is more accurate?

When you feel very bloated and feel as if you want to throw up can this be a symptom of pregnancy?

Answer If you have missed a period it is possible, but it is also a symptom of so many things that this would not be the first thing I would think of.

How do I restore XP to an earlier date?

Launch System RestoreClick "Start." Click "All Programs," "Accessories" and "System Tools." Click "System Restore." Choose "Restore my computer to an earlier time," then click "Next."Choose a Resto... Read More »