Ladies only please....?

Answer The obvious question is to ask him if he has been getting any exercise. If he hasn't, suggest taking a walk in the morning. Also, ask him if he drinks coffee and what time was the last hour that he... Read More »

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Ladies only please! ?

I totally pig out before my period, and when i'm on it.

Shaving question, ladies only please?

I wouldn't waste my time shaving down there, honestly! Ahhhh...I hate the itch. I'm all for natural, as long as you are clean that's all that matters. You can always trim a bit with a scissors o... Read More »

I need help...ladies only please?

Periods are not regular until you reach age 18 or so. If the cramps are bad, go see a gynocologist. It may be uncomfortable, but if something is wrong you need to know as soon as possible. Good luck.

Is a speedo sexy on a man STRAIGHT LADIES only please.?

If the package is right:)YesGuys just don't go for thongs,Txs.