Ladies, does the G spot exist, or are some of you influenced by a placebo effect?

Answer "...say researchers who have hunted for it."Now there's a job for an arrogant bastard.

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Right,its a PROVEN FACT that the placebo effect does work...?

Very good point.Placebo has traditionally been used as a benchmark for testing drugs to see if the drugs can outperform it.However its validity is being seriously drawn into question after research... Read More »

Science Fair Projects Using the Placebo Effect?

The placebo effect is a phenomena in which a patient's symptoms are alleviated because they believe that a particular treatment will work. Some consider the placebo effect to be a real product of p... Read More »

Is there anywhere you can get the sound effect of the Hot Spot from the UK game show Strike It Lucky?

Is Vemma a placebo?

Vemma is not a placebo. It is a type of liquid dietary supplement that is made from a combination of full-spectrum vitamins, plant-sourced minerals, mangosteen fruit, Aloe Vera and organic green te... Read More »