Ladies, do you check out the whole package?

Answer If you ladies really want some meat you should come to my store. My meat is cut and gets tender after you work on it. Just marinade it in your juices or devour it right there on the spot. Take a... Read More »

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How do I check the firmware package on my Wii?

Press the "Power" button on your Nintendo Wii or a controller synced to the console to turn it on. Choose "Wii Options." Select "Wii Settings." Find your Nintendo Wii's current firmware version dis... Read More »

How long should it take for a package to hit its next check point?

Any or all of the below .A) It is the weekend. It isn't traveling on the weekend B) it isn't being updated.C) It is on route and won't be scanned again till it gets to NY.Have some patience. Shoul... Read More »

Do former first ladies receive a retirement check?

Former first ladies do not receive a pension. The First Ladies website states that if a former President dies, his widow may receive a pension, but it must be voted and approved by Congress.Referen... Read More »

Hello! I've always wondered which parts of a fella's bod ladies check out first What would the top 3 be?