Ladies, at what age did you start shaving?

Answer 4th grade

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Shaving question, ladies only please?

I wouldn't waste my time shaving down there, honestly! Ahhhh...I hate the itch. I'm all for natural, as long as you are clean that's all that matters. You can always trim a bit with a scissors o... Read More »

Girls...What age did you start shaving?

I started shaving at 12 too, I think it's a great age to start and I'm sure most girls your age have started too.

What age did u start shaving your arms and legs?

Everyone has arm hair. You really shouldn't worry about that at all, and you should NEVER shave them. That just encourages them to grow back thicker and darker. You should focus on trying to convin... Read More »

How do I ask my mum if I can start shaving...?

Just go up to your mum or the next time your out shopping and ask her to buy you a razor, and if she asks why then explain it to her, she'll understand, it's not like she wants you to walk around w... Read More »