Ladies, I'm a straight very good looking guy. That said, would you date or like a guy that has a belly ring?

Answer If my man had a bell ring I'd make fun of him for it but I'd still date him. ;) I think if you truly like a guy it wouldn't matter if he had a belly ring or not.

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Do you have to be skinny to look good with a belly button ring?

IM ONLY 13 AND I WANT A BELLY RING !!How can i convince my PARENTS to let me get belly piercing?

same with me!heres what i tried and its kinda working:- printed out pics of people with belly button rings which look nice but not slutty- i bought a belly button ring and put it on my stomach to s... Read More »

Ladies,what do you think of a guy who says he is straight but has more clothes than you(10 points)?

honestly i dont care about someones clothes as long as he's good im perfectly happy. and maybe he just likes clothes just because you like fashion doesnt mean you are homosexual.

Is a speedo sexy on a man STRAIGHT LADIES only please.?

If the package is right:)YesGuys just don't go for thongs,Txs.