Ladies! I need your help, opinions?

Answer I'm a guy, but if I can offer an opinion, it sounds like he might like you too, but like a lot of guys he is just getting flustered and tongue tied around girls. Give him some time to get more comf... Read More »

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Ladies! I need opinions, help me?

First of all I am not a lady , I always get curious to these kinds of questions just to see how women manage things and how they react. He is just a shy guy . Apparently he likes you and he is just... Read More »

Ok this is for the ladies.ladies iam a male dancer and 11inc and my girl hates me doing it,but it pays?

Serious opinions please.?

I don't think I would ever want to let you out of my sight. That would tell me that you actually care about the people in your life, regarless of how well you know them or don't know them. Not ev... Read More »

The old man and the sea opinions?