Ladies: Do prefer a guy with a hairy chest or a smooth chest?

Answer when i was a teenager, the chest had to be smooth, but something changed when i reached my 20's. all the men i dated had hairy chests, now i love it. to me it seems more manly. its also nice to rub... Read More »

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One for the ladies...hairy chest or smooth chest?

a little hairy - smooth is a bit gay-looking & a fur carpet on there is just too much!

Poll: Ladies: Do you like a hairy chest or smooth?

I actually like the hair, i like to comb it with my fingers, and pull on in when they're being shittty you prefer chest hair on a guy or no?

i'm personally indifferent, although chest hair can be pretty sexy sometimes :)

Is it attractive to have a hairy chest or a plain one?

Dude I just shaved mine yesterday for my gf. She hated it. Now it itches so much. So I sat there for 45 min to an hour with tweezers pulling every lil freaking hair. I hope I dont get ingrown hairs... Read More »