Lacto-Vegetarians, what is your favorite natural cheese?

Answer You can get canned cheese? Seriously?Caboc is the all time utterly most bestest best cheese. And no you've probably not heard of it, it's usually only available in Scotland. It's an ancient cream c... Read More »

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Vegetarians what is your favorite kind of milk?

I can only recommend cow milk, I find most of the others are either insipid or give a wierd taste to tea and coffeeDune

Vegans and Vegetarians: What is your favorite animal?

Mine changes all the time but right now my favorite are cows or cattle. They're big and beautiful, notoriously friendly, and hate to be eaten.…Edit** ha... Read More »

What is your favorite cheese?

It depends on what I'm eating!I don't really like plain Kraft American cheese anymore.Provolone is a favorite on sandwiches, and it goes well with meatball subs, roast beef sandwiches...yum.Cheddar... Read More »

What is your favorite cheese to serve?

Baked Brei.Apples are good.Crackers.