Lack of attention by parents guardians cause of early parenthood of the teen?

Answer This is the theory I believe. It is rarer amongst families with both parents who have jobs and are more comfortably off with a good home. Bringing up children is a big responsibility for which you ... Read More »

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Effects of early parenthood?

Can lack of sleep cause depression?

You better believe it. Not enough sleep , especially if its on going results in all kinds of negative effects in the body. Chemical reactions take place when you do not get the rest your body/brain... Read More »

Can lack of sleep cause heath issues?

yes it can. It lowers your immune system's defenses. It alsolowers your reaction/reflexes. It is very dangerous. you should get roughly 7-8 (straight) hrs sleep in a 24 hr period.

Does lack of sleep cause diarrhea?

I was actually wondering the exact same thing. I went the entire summer away from school without diarrhea, but it was back on the first day of school! I'm not sure why, but I wish I could help more... Read More »