Labtec® WebCam Pro is blurry how do i fix this?

Answer I did a search around the internet on this webcam, and it seems that a lot of customers/consumers complain about its blurry images and photos/captures. So, this may be just a common problem with th... Read More »

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How to Install My Labtec Webcam?

Labtec is a computer manufacturing company that produces a variety of system add-ons, including speakers, multimedia devices and webcams. Installing a webcam is similar to installing other hardware... Read More »

Information on How to Operate a LabTec WebCam Plus?

The WebCam Plus is a webcam model offered by the LabTec company. It is primarily used by families who wish to stay in touch via real-time video. Still pictures can also be taken with the WebCam Plu... Read More »

My webcam is blurry!!!!!! =(?

u got oil on it. hold it so the lense if facing uptake a tiny bit of soup water, and put a few drops onto the lensenow with clean washed hands rub the lense gentleuse a paper towel (or none lotione... Read More »

I can make my eyes go blurry at will. Can anyone else do this How is this done?

I CAN DO IT 2!!!! idk how it happens but i just can. its super weird... and ya none of my friends can do that etheir