Labtec® WebCam Pro is blurry how do i fix this?

Answer I did a search around the internet on this webcam, and it seems that a lot of customers/consumers complain about its blurry images and photos/captures. So, this may be just a common problem with th... Read More »

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How to Install My Labtec Webcam?

Labtec is a computer manufacturing company that produces a variety of system add-ons, including speakers, multimedia devices and webcams. Installing a webcam is similar to installing other hardware... Read More »

Information on How to Operate a LabTec WebCam Plus?

The WebCam Plus is a webcam model offered by the LabTec company. It is primarily used by families who wish to stay in touch via real-time video. Still pictures can also be taken with the WebCam Plu... Read More »

My webcam is blurry!!!!!! =(?

u got oil on it. hold it so the lense if facing uptake a tiny bit of soup water, and put a few drops onto the lensenow with clean washed hands rub the lense gentleuse a paper towel (or none lotione... Read More »

How do you fix nikon L100 blurry pictures they are only people that come out blurry or grainy?

Blur is one thing that cannot be corrected in photo editing software. For grain watch video from related links below answer.