Labret Infection?

Answer A labret piercing is a lip piercing that is typically placed in the center of the lower lip. However, notes that the name of the labret piecing can describe any lip piercing. Pierci... Read More »

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Changing labret stud to ring pain/labret stud length?

is it the same kind of metal as ur stud? if not u could be allergic.. i guess not tho or maybe ur ring is too small? it probably is because of the shape of it to be honest i mean imagine the stud, ... Read More »

How to Remove the Labret?

According to the online magazine Hobby and Entertainment, the art of decorating the body with piercings has existed in various cultures for thousands of years. Only recently did body and facial pie... Read More »

What Is a Labret Pincher?

A labret piercing is a centered hole placed in the skin between the lower lip and chin. Proper jewelry for a labret piercing after healing can include a flat-back labret stud, a fishtail, a captive... Read More »

How to Keep Your Labret From Smelling?

A labret piercing is considered an oral piercing, as the stud is placed directly under the middle of the bottom lip. Oral piercings are prone to infection due to frequent exposure to food particles... Read More »