Lab Techniques for Heating Materials?

Answer Heating materials is an important aspect of doing working in a laboratory. Heat is an important feature in various science experiments (e.g., how does this material respond when heated?), but it is... Read More »

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How can the choice of construction materials and construction techniques influence sustainability?

In a huge variety of ways. But since you didn't mention what you are building, I can't tell specifically. Here's an example though: If you're building let's say a garage with a concrete foundation,... Read More »

In a central heating unit why does heating element keep coming on when the heater is not on?

Sounds like the thermostat is set too high so the unit is calling for heat... If the thermostat is set normally then the unit has a fault. Repairing an air conditioning unit is not a Do-It-Yoursel... Read More »

My boiler isn't heating the hot water or central heating?

Sounds like what happens to me if I run out of oil before I get a fill. The cause is an airlock in the pipe between the oil tank and the boiler. It usually causes the lockout light on my boiler t... Read More »

How to Buy Heating Oil in Bulk?

Heating fuel costs are in part regulated by the market. Product demand also plays into the mix. By determining your fuel needs ahead of time, you can purchase heating fuel in bulk, saving thousands... Read More »