LMS ideas for facebook ;?

Answer LMS and I'll check off the boxes;If we walked home I would:[] Hold your hand[] Push you in a Bush[] Trip you[] Talk to you[] Ignore youYou are:[] One of my best friends[] Friends[] My ex[] My worst... Read More »

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What should i do on facebook none of my friends have facebook none and I'm bored any ideas for me *thanks*?

join some applications... like tetris or typing race or even texas hold em poker... they are so addictive and they kill alota time on face book.... also, it would be a great time to make some new f... Read More »

Facebook status ideas?

Here is a good site for FaceBook Statuses.

Any ideas for an original facebook picture?

I have a pic of my favorite sunset at the beach on mine. Everyone that knows me knows that the sunset is my fav scene.

Facebook Profile Picture Ideas?

You could get someone else to take it for you. You could go outside and sit on a swing, or lean against a tree. Those are always simple and cute. Especially if they are in black and white. Just, my... Read More »