LMS ideas for facebook ;?

Answer LMS and I'll check off the boxes;If we walked home I would:[] Hold your hand[] Push you in a Bush[] Trip you[] Talk to you[] Ignore youYou are:[] One of my best friends[] Friends[] My ex[] My worst... Read More »

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What should i do on facebook none of my friends have facebook none and I'm bored any ideas for me *thanks*?

join some applications... like tetris or typing race or even texas hold em poker... they are so addictive and they kill alota time on face book.... also, it would be a great time to make some new f... Read More »

Ideas for LIKE MY STATUS on Facebook?

- L i k e ;Truth is ;[] I love Youu[] I hate youu[] Ur Ma Bestie.........[] Hmu , We Don't Talk Much .I ______ ;[] Miss youu[] Love Youu[] Hate Youu[] Adore Youu[] Want Youu[] Have Youu[] Don’t K... Read More »

Facebook like my status ideas?

In the mean time,,, "Searching for status ideas on yahoo answers"

Facebook status ideas?

Here is a good site for FaceBook Statuses.