LLC Taxation Rules?

Answer The appeal of the limited liability company business structure is not only in the asset protection it offers, but also in the ease of understanding and following the taxation rules. An LLC is a flo... Read More »

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LLC Partnership & Taxation?

A Limited Liability Company (LLC) gives business owners the best of both worlds. The owners, or members, can rest assured that their personal assets are legally protected and cannot be used to pay... Read More »

Taxation of IRA Annuities?

IRA annuities are one option you have when deciding how to save money for retirement. IRA annuities are annuities that are purchased inside of IRA accounts. These annuities function like any other ... Read More »

Taxation of Property Income?

The Internal Revenue Service taxes rental property income in the same year the rental income was received. However, the depreciation rules require landlords to depreciate the costs of improvement i... Read More »

What is Schedule E in taxation?

Taxpayers use IRS Form 1040 Schedule E to report income or losses from a variety of sources. The most common are real estate rentals, estates, trusts, partnerships and S corporations.RentsUse Part ... Read More »