LG Sentio GS505 has black pixel discoloration on screen! Annoying! How can I fix?

Answer what you could be seeing is either a stuck pixel, a hot pixel, or a dead pixel. usually you can fix either by looking for software online that tests your screen by rapidly flashing different light ... Read More »

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Annoying black box on my screen and i click the captioning button and nothing happens, why?

A very familiar problem--seen it many times. Bring up the TV's menu (it will override the black square), find the audio options, find the Closed Caption (CC) options, and look for a feature labeled... Read More »

Does a black scab and a bruise-like discoloration mean tetanus?

Tetanus has absolutely nothing to do with ur colour of scab. Hell, tetanus will cause systemic specific local injury point symptom at all. U should get an tetanus toxoid vaccine immedi... Read More »

How to Determine the Pixel Ratio of a Screen?

Your screen's pixel ratio remains constant through many of its possible resolutions. A resolution of 800 by 600 pixels and a resolution of 1,024 by 768 pixels, for instance, both have a pixel ratio... Read More »

How do I connect my dish network remote on my pixel flat screen?

Jose,I would be happy to provide assistance with this. Below I have listed the steps to program the remote to a TV. I have also included a link to lookup codes for the TV based on it's model. If yo... Read More »