LEGO Rocket Building Instructions?

Answer The LEGO building system can let you assemble anything from a simple rocket to NASA's space shuttle with rocket boosters and a launching rig. The only limitation is your imagination; you can choose... Read More »

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LEGO Building Instructions for Toa Vakama?

Toa Vakama, a character in LEGO's Bionicle series, is the transformed version of a "Matoran," villager, of the same name. Vakama was once the finest mask-maker anywhere. In his Toa form, Vakama bec... Read More »

Lego 8764 Building Instructions?

Lego set No. 8764 is in the Bionicle series and builds the characters Vezon and Fenrakk, a terrifying creature and his rider. Vezon's fate is to guard the Mask of Life because he tried to steal the... Read More »

Instructions for Building the Lego Buzz Droid?

Many of the characters, including minor characters, from the "Star Wars" universe show up in Lego's "Star Wars" series. One of these is the Buzz Droid, known for attaching to Anakin's ship and tryi... Read More »

LEGO Hail-Fire Droid Building Instructions?

In the Star Wars universe, the part of heavy artillery is played on the battlefield by the Hail-Fire Droid. This large, two-wheeled behemoth bristles with missile launching batteries and a massive ... Read More »