LED TV vs. Plasma TV's, which one is better for your eyes when playing video games?

Answer Never use a plasma TV solely to play games. Plasma TVs often leave permanent "images" of stuff you've seen before on the screen. like when you watch the news you might see a barely visible transpar... Read More »

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Which television technology is better for eyes Plasma, LCD, LED or CRT.?

What’s wrong with existing LCD TVs?Up until now, LCDs used fluorescent tubes to light the screen. As a result, LCDs have trouble creating deep blacks. That’s because fluorescent tubes are alway... Read More »

Which video card do you recommend me for playing the lastest video games?

I'm going to use Battlefield 3 BETA as your standard. nVidia recommendations seem to be pretty spot on when it comes to the RECOMMENDED specifications for BF3 Beta. They recommend for smooth perfor... Read More »

Which is better quality video-s or SCART for dvd playing to tv?

I'd like to clarify some of the comments saying that you should use gold plated connectors and oxygen free cable - regarding gold plated connectors, only get those if your devices also have gold pl... Read More »

Is it ok to play video games on your new plasma tv.?

sure. we do it all the time. We will hook the laptop to ours and play - love having a "big" monitor. But many of the gaming systems are geared for the newer tvs.