LED Bulb Types?

Answer LED stands for light emitting diode. LEDs come in many different types depending what they are required to do. LEDs consist of semi-conducting diodes of an extremely small size that are clustered t... Read More »

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Car Headlight Bulb Types?

Most people depend upon headlights day in and day out, assuming that they drive at night periodically. Since the advent of automobiles, headlights have been included. Although they have undergone k... Read More »

Fluorescent Tube Light Bulb Types?

Fluorescent light bulbs began making headlines about six years ago when they gained popularity in standard light fixtures, saving energy and casting a whiter light. The advantages of these bulbs ha... Read More »

Miniature Light Bulb Socket Types?

Although supplanted to some degree by ultra bright LEDs, miniature light bulbs are still used in electronics, portable and emergency lighting and in model-making. Some socket types are similar to f... Read More »

Where can I get those penny-sized things that fit between a bulb and a socket to extend the life of the bulb?

If you want to save money in the long run (both in energy and bulb life) then spend the couple extra bucks on fluorescent. I work in a courthouse and have a guaranteed savings of 30% (on lighting ... Read More »