LCD v PLASMA tv's , help?

Answer ok, my advice to you would be : GO FOR LCDreasons:they consume less electricity, so are very economicallast longer than plasma tvsvery light, to move around and to mount it on wallthey don't suffer... Read More »

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Plasma or lcd i need help!?

People who dont own or work on TVs should say its MY Opinion not answer as FACT.I have had Plasmas for years and there isnt any burn in anymore even hardly any minor IR or image retention, which go... Read More »

Plasma or projection

I am guessing that "Large" means "55"in. to "65"in. screen size or there abouts, and "Good Deal"means "Low Price". If that is the case and space is not a priority, go Projection. The best ones are"... Read More »

Plasma tv,help me please?

That sounds like it's the built-in promo for use in store displays. There should be a menu item to disable it. If you can't find it, call (or go to) the store where you bought it and ask them how t... Read More »

LCD vs PLASMA (HD-TV) help please?

If you want a 30" TV you will not find one. The closest available is a 32" HDTV. However in that size, there are no plasmas. There are only LCD's at that size. The LCD is cheaper, and probably ... Read More »