LCD & plasma difference?

Answer Here put simply is the differences between Plasma and LCD LCD's: Higher resolution, brighter, non-reflective.PLASMA: Faster processor for movement, (Smoother images) more natural colours and 3 dime... Read More »

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Difference between H D TV,LCD TV & PLASMA TV?

lcds use liquid crystal displays, such as notebook monitors, plasma uses gas, thats just the medium with which the picture is displayed, HD is the resolution, normal tv being 480i(in the US) enhanc... Read More »

What is the difference in a plasma and an LCD TV?

The difference between plasma and lcd TV is the type of material that is used to project the image. LCD has a good image but plasma has a better image. The only problem with plasma is that there is... Read More »

Difference between LCD, LED, Plasma?

Plasma: gas-filled cells are ionized, producing light of varying colors to form the picture. Modern plasma sets produce brilliant pictures, as good as anything else. They're best for fast action ... Read More »

What's the difference between Plasma and LCD?

plasma is used when there is alot of LIGHT in the room. LCD in less light to no light rooms. LCD has a bulb to be easly replaced .Plasma no bulb. LCD Weighs less beacuse it does not need a thick pe... Read More »