LCD TV screen protector.?

Answer No such product for LCD screens. These screens are glass, which can be broken. If the glass breaks, the set is ruined. Maybe they would consider not allowing the toys, and/or kids in the TV room.

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Would a screen protector fix the three lines on my kindle fire screen?

Three lines? Sounds like it has some damage that would need actual fixing- or replacing the screen.A screen protector won't fix this, but will protect from future damage.

What exactly is a screen protector?

Where to get screen protector put on for me?

Just do what everyone else does and buy one yourself and fit it yourself. As long as you make sure the place you do it is dust free, you clean the screen carefully and take your time doing it you s... Read More »

Can a screen protector be washed?

It's better not to wash the screen protector since it's sticked in front of your screen. Some of the screen protector can be washed, if it was dirty. And you can get those screen protector from To... Read More »