LAPTOP boot Problem please read?

Answer laptop make/model

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Laptop Problem. PLEASE READ AND HELP !! Memory Management ?

Ok..That blah blah blah part? That was the important part. The Blue Screen of Death error... it has a lot of specific information on it. That specific information tells a technician exactly what... Read More »

Compaq laptop help! wont boot past windows boot manager?

download and run seagate seatoolsrun a quick surface scan only do not run any other tests as this software can erase the disk completely

How to use laptop recovery disk Laptop won't boot.?

What are the names of the other recovery discs? I know that HP (owners of Compaq) sometimes have a disc that you need to boot into first instead of the actual OS disc.One should probably be drivers... Read More »

Why my CD Rom read only boot able CD?

Sounds like a Windows driver error. Delete your CD drive in Device Manager and reboot your computer.This will get you there if you don't know how to find it:…