Kyocera 132 Phone Tools?

Answer The Kyocera K132 is a flip phone that features games, a large color display and hands-free capabilities. The phone is Java-enabled, which allows you to display Java applets and play Java games. Too... Read More »

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How to Three-Way With a Kyocera Phone?

Kyocera manufactures many products, including wireless phones. Phones range from basic to advanced and have a variety of bells and whistles. Many devices feature the ability to place three-way call... Read More »

Is there a SIM card in the Kyocera phone?

No, Kyocera cell phones do not have SIM cards. Kyocera cell phones run on CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access) technology for providers such as Verizon, which makes it more difficult to "unlock" th... Read More »

Is a 1x icon on kyocera cell phone bad?

On One Hand: Simply a Difference Between CarriersThere are two different icons that might appear on your Kyocera cell phone. One is the 1x icon, and the other is a "D" icon, which is what your manu... Read More »

How do you reboot a kyocera cricket android phone?

my phone is blinking off and on whats wrong with it and how to fix it ?