Korean store name food?

Answer I would call it The Not So Vile Korean Food Store.

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WHY isn't Korean food famous globally unlike Chinese food and Sushi?

I couldn't agree with yhou more. I live in NW Washington - north of Seattle in an area with a lot of Korean markets - Boo Han, HMart... Lots of Korean BBQ places too and I must say that Korean BBQ ... Read More »

Who likes kinchee and Korean food!!!! Also who likes very spicy food.?

sometimes when I'm feeling extra lazy I just boil some kimchee in mild stock and put some meat to stew with it--fresh or in the worst case scenario, sliced wieners, ugh--but it really works for a c... Read More »

Have you ever had any Korean Food!?

well the kimchi was good but really spicy & hot. Koreans love hot food. But most of the foods are half boiled/cooked (if you're having original korean food). I love their cuttle fish tempura. They ... Read More »

Korean & Chinese Food Culture?

In Southeast Asia, food acts as a social lubricant, bringing families and friends together. This is particularly applicable in both China and Korea where food has strong historical traditions and i... Read More »