Koolaid hair dye help 10 POINTS BEST ANSWER :D?

Answer Koolaid hair dye will not show up in dark hair! You would need to bleach it to make it lighter first. You can put koolaid in your black hair for 10 hours straight and it wouldn't do anything beside... Read More »

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okay first, the blue will fade to a grayish if it were like a bleach blonde and splat sucks, I never use that anymore.. use manic panic(fades fast too, but stays longer than splat) but most like " ... Read More »

Does anyone know how to get my hair like this 10 points best answer!!?

you dont need a curler!1.have a small straightner in with not big or else this will come out like shet2.part your hair top section and lower half3.split the lower section in half4.wrap the hair aro... Read More »

How should I do my hair 10 POINTS TO BEST ANSWER!?

I really like the beachy waves idea. I think that the flower is a bit too much, especially since its almost fall depending on where you live. I personally think that flowers in your hair are only a... Read More »