Kool Aid hair - not coming out!!!?

Answer I had the opposite problem. You have light hair so even if it fades a little its still noticeable. I'm guessing u used cherry/black cherry if you used tropical punch you should be okay. Cherry and ... Read More »

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Can dying your hair with Kool-Aid give you hair cancer?

How to Get Kool-Aid out of Hair?

Kool-Aid makes an ideal hair color for costume parties, emo looks and hairstyles that require a funky and offbeat color. You can purchase inexpensive packets of color that successfully transform li... Read More »

How do you make hair dye out of Kool-Aid?

hey girl, i'd say that you'd be better off with a henna dye, that you can find at any beauty supply store. it's cheap, and comes in all of the kool-aid colors.i assume you want to use kool-aid for... Read More »

How do I dye my hair with Kool-aid?

What color is your hair? If it's light, this is easy as pie. If it's dark then you might need to bleach it first. It all depends on your hair color and what color you're trying for. 1. Boil water i... Read More »