Kodak digital camera repair?

Answer Just invest in a new one. Any of these are great options. I got mine for a rediculously good deal from here.

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If i want to buy a Sd card for my Kodak digital camera,does it have to be a Kodak one?

No, I have a HP digital camera, but have used a different memory card. got mine from here and they are very reasonable. You can look up your make of camera and then it wi... Read More »

How do you get photos off your digital camera I have new laptop windows vista hprem OS and no drivers for Kodak dc280 camera. any other options?

Answer I'm not 100% familiar with Vista, but have you tried the camera wizard? Does Vista recognize your camera when it is attached?If so then all you need to do is open the folder that holds you... Read More »

Kodak or Canon Digital Camera Which one is the best?

Does anyone know where i can get these Kodak batteries from for my digital camera?

Loads of batteries on much cheaper than anywhere else.