Kodak all-in-one printer problem!!! Please help!?

Answer what are you print previewing with?you can usually do a file->print without doing print preview

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Please help, i cannot find a receipt for a kodak printer, i hve some issues going on with it.?

email them or find one of their dealersThe should be able to tell you when it was sold by the S/N number

Mac Printer Problem!! Please Help!?

If you're on the same network, it should show up no problem.Uninstall/reinstall any drivers and try again.

Printer Connection problem! Please Help!!!?

Well try reading the user's manual. Maybe it will be useful! But I know that user manuals are not always easy to use. I would help if I knew how to solve this problem D:

Please help with a printer problem?

Hi BudgePrint at 300 dpi resolution. If the problem persists, then the printer's head is damaged.