Kodak Paper Specifications?

Answer In 2007 the Kodak company ceased making black-and-white photographic papers. Since that time it has placed much of its efforts into improving a series of professional color papers that can record h... Read More »

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Types of Kodak Photographic Paper?

Kodak has been a name synonymous with quality in the photography world for decades. Along with cameras, film and other equipment, Kodak also produces a wide range of photo paper.. From quality inkj... Read More »

Why is my kodak ESP C310 chewing up the paper?

put the paper properly. and also clean the rollers.

How to Avoid Paper Jams in a Kodak 5500?

Kodak's 5000 series of inkjet printers, which includes the 5500, can be found in many homes and offices. As with most inkjet printers, the paper can occasionally get stuck in the printer, causing a... Read More »

Kodak Printer think I have no paper?

Since it is giving you Out of Paper errors, then the paper pickup/feed rollers may be dirty or worn out. Try cleaning them with a cloth dampened with alcohol.The other possibility is there may be a... Read More »