Kodak Paper Specifications?

Answer In 2007 the Kodak company ceased making black-and-white photographic papers. Since that time it has placed much of its efforts into improving a series of professional color papers that can record h... Read More »

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Kodak Printer think I have no paper?

Since it is giving you Out of Paper errors, then the paper pickup/feed rollers may be dirty or worn out. Try cleaning them with a cloth dampened with alcohol.The other possibility is there may be a... Read More »

Why is my kodak ESP C310 chewing up the paper?

put the paper properly. and also clean the rollers.

How to Use Kodak Photo Paper With HP1600?

Hewlett-Packard's HP1600 printer model gives you the ability to print your own digital photos from home. Kodak, the manufacturer of several digital cameras and camera accessories, offers a line of ... Read More »

Types of Kodak Photographic Paper?

Kodak has been a name synonymous with quality in the photography world for decades. Along with cameras, film and other equipment, Kodak also produces a wide range of photo paper.. From quality inkj... Read More »