Known Effects of Perfume & Colognes?

Answer Anyone who's ever walked through the perfume or cologne section at a department store knows the overwhelming feeling when several strong scents hit your nose at the same time. Still perfumes and co... Read More »

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Harmful Effects of Perfume?

In accordance with the 1938 Federal Food Drug and Cosmetic Act, the FDA has the authority to regulate the use of toxic ingredients used in perfumes and other beauty products. Yet regulations do no... Read More »

The Effects of Perfume on Hair?

Hair perfume is a product that has been specifically designed to make your hair smell nice. However many believe that these products can have a negative effect on your hair. Here are some of the ad... Read More »

What are the known bad effects of the da Vinci system?

Again...please go to any search and look up "lawsuits against the DaVinci Medical Robotic System" (or against its maker).Go to their website. talk to your doctor or local hospital.I've know plenty ... Read More »

Are passive 3D TV glasses the ones that are known for the bad side effects?

No, the active 3D glasses are very popular for flickering and causing eye strain.