Know where I can find a template for "What I did in school today"?

Answer has templates for all kinds of things, and they're free.

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Where can I find this PPT template?

You can download free PPT templates at…

What school do i go to And where can i find scholarships?

An anesthesiologist is a doctor who deals with pain medications, predominantly during surgery. You are not going to find undergrad programs in anesthesiology, since it is a specialization that you... Read More »

Where can i find quicky restaurants Like ones where it's in a castle or you know really unique?

Dear Blah Blah,Try Ninja at 25 Hudson Street in TriBeCa in Manhattan. It's set in a medieval Ninja village. Staff members in costume do tableside magic.Enoy!Spikey

What is a printer that also has a scanner called How do I look for one Do you know where I can find 1 cheap?

its called an all-in-oneyou can get one cheap at any of the office supply stores...they've gotten very inexpensive over the last few years