Know of any Health Drinks?

Answer Naked Juice is real healthy and good...they come in a variety of flavors. My favorite is Green Machine.

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Are sport drinks good for your health?

On One Hand: Benefits for AthletesThe American College of Sports Medicine recommends that athletes consume sports drinks containing carbohydrates during intense exercise events lasting longer than ... Read More »

An official meeting attended 130 requirement employees, of them 66 drinks tea, 56 drinks coffee,63 drinks juic?

Ready to rate more foods/drinks From a rating of 1-10 how do you grade the food/drinks from this list?

1) Celery -7. I like vegetables.2) Buffalo Wings. -8, YUMM!3) Texas Burger((Burger with Cheese & a Fried Egg.) -Well, I don't like cheese or fried eggs, so 4.4) Onion Rings. -Don't like them, 2.5) ... Read More »

Two men dying of thirst in a desert, one drinks a pint of beer, the other drinks nothing, who lasts longest?

The beer drinking fellow cause the other guy died from trying to take the beer from him.