Knot under skin after Dog Bite?

Answer If it's painful, or itchy, or something, Visit your doctor, just in case.

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My skin around where i got bit by a tick is hard, it feels like one big knot, should i be concerned?

This does not sound like a symptom of a tick-borne disease. Instead, this is likely the body's normal reaction to the tick bite. It should go away within a couple of days. You should just be awa... Read More »

Are bumps under the skin after a bug bite a concern?

No, not usually. This is assuming that you mean a single lump at the site of the bite. Lumps under the skin are a normal reaction to the allergen introduced by the insect, although not everyone has... Read More »

Why do people bite their fingernails and finger skin?

The body requires various intensities of stimulation to stay alert depending on your DNA, your nutritional habits and your environment. People tend to have stimulation addictions to learned behavio... Read More »

How to Make a Right Knot Left Knot Bracelet With Beads?

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