Knight Rider 2008Knight Rider 2008TV Movie - Backdoor Pilot subtitles?

Answer It unlocks things by sending out a high frequency sound that can brake or unlock locks, using this high frequency sound it can also break glass and lights. It might also send a magnetic wave that i... Read More »

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Does the DVD set for the modern Knight Rider TV show include the pilot episode or just the regular 17 episodes that followed it?

It looks like the set contains the 17 episodes without the movie ~ check out the link below .

Where do you watch Knight Rider the movie?

If you mean the pilot to the 1980's TV series, you will just have to catch a rerun of it on the Sci-Fi channel if they are airing it or you can buy Season 1 of the show on DVD meaning you can watch... Read More »

Was David Hasselhoff used as Michael Long in the pilot episode of Knight Rider at the part where he got shot in the face and left to die?

Yes- that is why his face is darkened out before it happens.

Where can you watch the 2008 knight rider movie?

I believe the show started in 2006 or 2007, but you should be able to go to ABCFamily's website and find out.